Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Talk Techy to Me - Your favorite tech feeds read to you!

Hey my fellow tech geeks. Just like you, I love tech. I live and breathe it. It consumes my 9-5 and 5-9. But if your life and job is as crazy as mine, you know that it's tough finding time to catch up on all your tech feeds. If we fall behind for even a couple of days you start to feel guilty and "disconnected". So I sought out a way to try and change that.

My commute to the Yahoo! campus in Burbank, CA takes about 45 minutes (that's on a good day!). I often load up on audiobooks but sometimes I have A.D.D. and can't focus on listening to one topic at length. Music and radio, get old pretty quick too. While I do appreciate the way that Ryan Seacrest can talk about nothing and make it sound interesting I can't handle it for more than a 15 minutes.

One day as I was driving home from work it hit me that my time on the road could be better spent catching up my tech feeds. So in classic programmer spirit, I set out to create a mobile app that would read my favorite tech blogs to me while I'm on the road.

So came the birth of Talk Techy to Me. This version is free of charge while I work on the paid version that is fully customizable. At the time of this posting it currently supports six popular tech feeds:

1) TechCrunch
2) Official Google Blog
3) High Scalability (for my programming peeps!)
4) Mashable
5) ReadWriteWeb
6) VentureBeat.

Give it a whirl, spread the word, and send me some feedback. Remember it's in beta so when you find bugs please contact me and I'll get it sorted out ASAP. And hey, if you like the app and find it useful, a good review wouldn't hurt ;)

I guess this constitutes my foray into mobile development...

UPDATE - By popular demand, Engadget has been added to the list of free feeds!


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